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8 Unique Book Writing Tips That Can Make You a Bestseller

Reading is a magical bolt for freedom. Everyone gets lost in the story while reading a bestseller book.

All the writers out there! You know that book writing is not an easy task. It takes time and true effort that makes you a successful author.

Do you want to change your status from writer to best author? It’s pretty sure you want to be! Hence, you have to roll up your sleeves to be a smart writer.

No matter if you want to write a story-based book or for academic purposes. You must have the desire to publish your book on a global platform to become famous and earn a good amount of money.

Although, every best author has some effective writing patterns and habits that help them to achieve their writing goals. These writers can give the best book writing tips for your future.

In this blog, you will know about commonly used strategies to start and finish a book.

8 Commonly Used Tips for Writing a Bestseller Book

Be Clear About Your Idea

have to know what kind of story you are going to write? Your idea would give you a complete picture. It helps to tell you about a benefit or total loss you would get from your book. Before writing something, you need to get a “big book idea” for asking some questions of yourself, like:

  • What do I want to write for?
  • What do I feel is valuable to write about?
  • Why do I want to read this book?
  • Who will carry out important points from this idea?

The answers to these questions will lead you through better options. For example, you have various ideas for writing a book but choose the one you are passionate about to execute perfectly.

Moreover, these questions give you the right direction. Expert eBook writing services provider practices the same tip. Think about picking those books that you love to read, like the books which significantly impact your personality.

Focus on your audience

Focus on finding out your target audience. Think about who you want to read your book. Either someone from a huge corporate level, a startup, or a school-going kid? A book that might seem interesting to a CEO can be boring for students. It is good to sort it out on an early basis.

Naturally, your book will be for everyone. Once you settle your idea about your audience, the rest of the content, tone, and details will be easier to write.

Require more research

Once you have decided on your target audience, it is time to plumb depths online.

Reading helps you in writing in a genre that you would enjoy the most.

But you must find the titles and then analyse them chapter-wise.

  • How long are the titles of the chapters?
  • How many chapters do you want to add to your book?
  • What is the structure of the story?
  • What are the main themes?

These are the important elementary questions which you need to keep in your mind during writing a book.

Outline Your Story

If you are going to write an outclass story, you are required to make its outline first. Whether it is your first book or you have written many books, you need a solid plan for your first order.

How do you create an outline for your book? First, you have to pick a format that is suitable for you. Construct a beginning, middle and end. Then, keep in mind conflict points that you can use to propel your story. You must build the characters of your story, while setting an outline. This can be a challenging step. Therefore, consider seeking help from a book writing service, as hey can help you with this step.

Find a peaceful writing space

Another essential factor in how to write a book is where you write a book. You have a peaceful and calm place where you do focus on writing in a more effective way.

Morning time is the best for book writing or writing anything else. You can select a place which you like the most, a desk in your room, a peaceful part of your house, a cafe, or a library. You require a place where you work freely without interruption.

Working from home is the best option for writing a book. Make a particularly comfortable place in your home for long-term writing.

Motivation to finish your draft

Getting involved in writing a book is a difficult task when many things can distract and discourage you during writing. How can you continue your writing routine and finish your book?

Here are a few motivational strategies:

  • Find a reason why you need to write a book.

Having a reminder of your book is the best way to motivate you through writing a book.

  • Find someone else to write

Having a writing buddy with you is another interesting way to motivate yourself. When you get stuck somewhere, your buddy will help you in tackling difficult situations.

You can hire a book writer online who will guide you occasionally and can easily find out your weakness before publishing.

  • Reward yourself for achieving a milestone

Sometimes the best motivation appears when you treat yourself nicely. You can set a deadline to achieve your goal and then give a reward to yourself for achieving it.

Publish your book for readers

Now your book has reached the final stage. Outline your chapters and format your draft. Your book is ready for publishing.

Before giving your book for publishing, you can take proofreading and editing. There are the best book editing services UK which can deeply edit your book and point out errors and mistakes.

 Grab this opportunity to take the best editing for your book.

Take help from publishing professionals

Publishing itself is a hectic process. But when you know all the details of how to write a book, it’s pretty sure you can tackle this matter nicely.

Invest in an eye catchy cover design, study marketing strategies, and write an appealing query letter that will give an offer from a publishing professional.

For professional help publishing your book on international platforms like Amazon, you can get eBook writing services, which will give you a complete guide about publication.


Writing a book is a difficult process. You have to keep minor points from the start till the end. Select your main title nicely, set your goals, make some useful strategies, and pick an attention-grabbing topic, but don’t neglect the cover page of your book. The title page quickly grabs the attention of your readers. In the end, you can take professional help to publish your book.

Above are some useful book writing tips for you to write a bestseller book. These tips would help you every time in writing any type of book and make you a professional author effectively.

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