How Much Money do Book Writers Make per Book? An Authors’ Guide

For the ones who are curious that how much money book writers make per book, stick to the conclusion to know the truth. A lot of times, victorious writers are depicted living an extravagant lifestyle in a state of extreme comfort on their paradise island.

Though the reality is its opposite most of the time. An aspirant who plans to write an e-book often wonders whether it would be worth it to invest time and energy. Moreover, they would also want to know the odds of how much income they can generate through their single publication.

How much Author earns per Book in 2022

Dive deeper into this post to know the earning potential of traditional publications as well as self-publishes. Also the odds of generating revenue for the first-time author whether for a handbook or an e-book.

How Much Money do Book Writers Make per Book?

An author earns 5 to 20% royalties on print books, 25% on e-books, and 10 to 25% on audible ones. However, the percentage may differ depending upon some of the factors that we would elaborate in a while.

Amazon is a platform that offers thousands of books of innumerable genres at affordable rates. Amazon conventionally pays 70% for self-published e-books that are priced between 2.99$ and 9.99$. However, it rewards 35% on e-books whose prices range above 10$.

By the term, we can assume that the self-publishers have to pay for all the expenses from producing, and distributing to marketing.

These days, businessmen are investing in well-written e-books from websites of book writing services UK. They publish them on Amazon and other similar platforms to make a great amount of money without spending months on them.  

Factors that cause Variation in Writer’s Income

Numerous factors are responsible for the variation in earnings. We would enlighten you with all the factors.

Genre and Content

Imagine if you write very engaging content on the genre of forensic accounting, then what are the odds of gaining an audience? There wouldn’t be huge mountains of spectators, right? Fewer numbers are ready to invest their time in forensic accounting. The key is to choose a genre and come up with a type of content that would drive rivers of bibliophiles. So, if you are planning to get into a writing career, make sure to go for booming genres and profitable content.

For instance, a dietician can come up with a guide focused on diet recipes to lose weight and stay healthy. We all know that genre is one of the trendiest genres as the vast population is becoming health conscious.

Theme and Style

Top brands from all over the world not just focus on bringing high-quality products, but also package them nicely. Packaging products in an aesthetic way has become a great marketing strategy for businesses to boost sales.

Similarly, another example of it would be to think of two books. The first is filled with just text while the second is also bundled with graphics, photos, infographics, graphs, and vibrant graphs. Which one would you prefer to read? The second option, right?

So, those who work on this strategy become best-selling authors. They choose the most interesting theme and chic style for their publication to attract more bibliophiles. Eventually, more revenue.  

Quality of Editing

It nowhere means that the experienced and professional author would come up with a perfect piece of writing. Whether the writings of an amateur or a professional writer, are bound to have errors.

Therefore, it is always appreciated to have a second set of eyes for spotting any sort of blunders and minor faults. Whether you hire a proofreader in person or online, you would have to spend a few thousand dollars.


Firstly, it is crucial to understand that everyone scribbler is unique and each of them has different capacities. Various book writers release a single publication per year while some outstanding writers churn out best-selling books after every few months.

The key is to publish more to make more royalties. Getting assistance from the websites of ghostwriters UK to bang out more novels and guides can be another profitable idea.


You would notice how if a novel makes its way to success, opens an opportunity for the creation of its series. Just take the example of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling It Ends with us, a romantic novel.

After realizing how the audience warmly welcomed it, she introduced its sequel as It Starts with Us. This strategy can be applied to generate more revenue. To achieve this, the first edition should be crafted in the most amazing way that engages and gives birth to curiosity. Once the guide has the most favorable outcome, then you can get started to bring its second edition.


Another factor that affects your earnings is the number of effort you are taking in the creation. A great deal of endurance requires especially for self-publishers as they have to look after every step solely.


Marketing any product is as crucial a component as producing it to step on the ladder of financial success. Think of it this way, you created a solution in the form of an item but potential consumers are unaware of it. The key to this is to introduce your product through effective marketing strategies to the prospects. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if your e-book is focused on the hottest topic if no one is aware of its existence. Outsourcing marketing from online services of book marketing in UK can be the best way to save time while increasing the reach.

The talent of the Scribbling

The talent of scribbling may differ from person to person, everyone has a unique talent and different approach toward the same thing. Hence, the higher the quality, the more odds of it being successful. Also, minor factors can still make a huge difference such as how should be the cover. A hardback or a soft cover? And a large coffee-table book or a slim and tiny volume? Whether it should appear vibrant or in black and white? Decide all this wisely.


We not just answered how much money book writers make per book in 2022 but also uncovered the factors which affect the earnings. We expect our guide brings ease for you to decide how and what sort of handbook or e-book you should come up with. Thus, good luck!

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