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7 Creative Book Cover Design Ideas For Authors With Examples

An old saying goes, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but it is easier said than done. However, when it comes to your potential readers, judging the book by its cover is probably the first thing they will do. The outer covering is the first and sometimes the only thing the readers will see in your book. Looking at the book cover design, the readers usually determine whether it is worth spending time and money on.

Therefore, it is a vital marketing element and often a prominent reason for the highest-selling books. Thus, if you want to see your product as the highest-selling of 2023, ensure its cover is professional, eye-appealing and reflective of the inner content. And to help you with that, here are the seven creative book cover designs ideas for authors with examples.

7 Creative Book Cover Design Ideas To Grab Reader’s Attention

1. Take A Minimalistic Approach

The authors who promote a minimalistic mindset can use the minimal and decent approach. Minimalism is always trendy as it helps to convey the primary point elegantly and efficiently. Moreover, the wise use of blank space helps the e-book to stand out among the topsy-turvy outer covering designs. Whether looking for a non-fiction business e-book or a fictional genre one, hire a professional book cover design company for a minimalistic product.


A prominent example of minimalism is ‘Look Who’s Back’, which stands out proudly with many whitespaces. So, the hair and clean typography strongly indicate what it is all about.

2. Powerful Typography

If you have a clever idea, you can convert it into powerful typography. It will convey a solid message about the inner content. Regarding typography, linking text, making it big and bold, or even vigilantly organizing the fonts will create an attractive image. Moreover, the choice of colors can also take a look to the next level of magnetism.


Eric G. Wilson uses the typography and whitespace in ‘Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy’ wisely. The design created by Jennifer Carrow loudly speaks about the content, which examines sadness’s benefits.

3. Silhouette Can Instantly Grab Attention

The silhouette is a universal and evergreen e-book cover design that has thrived for decades. It can instantly grab the attention of your potential readers. You can contact the expert book cover designers UK for hire so they can develop a unique product for you.


Jeffrey Nguyen designed the cover for Galloway’s Justice. He explains that he always tries to make a cover that can easily align with the genre. Plus, it ensures that it appeals to the eyes of potential readers solidly. He took the same approach for the front of Galloway’s Justice to ensure it had the perfect mysterious tone. The designer placed an empty silhouette on a beautiful photograph to indicate a missing girl. He perfectly used photos, typography, and illustration to make the most captivating product.

4. Romantic Images

If you have composed an exciting novel of the romantic genre, a lovey-dovey image for the front would work perfectly. You can explore various bright colors and styles in this case. However, for contemporary, darker tones will pull off a better job.


Mathew Allen’s replicating life: Human Born has such a beautiful and romantic image designed by a freelance designer germancreative. The couple in the back and the typography on the front indicate it’s romantic with a touch of the science fiction genre. If you are searching for a professional designer or require any writing-related help, contact any of your desirable Book writing services. Many experts are cashing their writing powers these days. The leading writing companies also have designers who offer the best design services. Taking assistance from such websites will benefit you in several ways and help you become the highest-selling author.

5. Whimsical and Charming For The Children

If you want to expose the outer surface of your children’s stories compilation to a child-friendly splash, go for this idea. Whimsical and charming illustration always captivates kids’ minds. When a child glances at your eye-catching product, they will ask their parents to buy them.


A famous example of the whimsical and charming idea is how Kim Fleming illustrates Ayda. The inner content concerns the immigrant girl who doesn’t know how to fit into the new school. It further shares her journey filled with chaos and struggles. So, the illustrator creates the image of Ayda carrying a school bag. Moreover, Kim creates a distressed background for Ayda with repeated scribbles to represent her internal conflicts. The overall imagery ideally means Ayda and her young mind grappling with the hardships in her new world.

6. Double Exposure – A Powerful Technique

The technique of double exposure involves a big picture used as a backdrop while intertwining it with the outline of a persuasive photo. Using this technique develops frightful and mysterious imagery. It works great for the horror, thriller, and suspense genres. So, if your ghostwriters UK has written thrilling content, now is the time to get the most compelling designing for the bookcase. Make the most positive first impression by going for the double exposure technique.


As you can see in the photo, the illustrator of L.T. Ryan’s End Game uses the double exposure technique cleverly. Moreover, the bold shades’ splash perfectly gives thrilling and horrifying vibes.

7. Retro Touches

If your content covers a certain period, ensure the cover goes back in time. You can go for the retro look, as this type is again back into the mainstream. It will instantly captivate the potential readers’ interest and persuade them to read your product.


The inferno of Kurt Schlichter has a classic illustration of the 1980s, hinting at the freedom fighter. The main character is standing at the tip of a hill while holding weapons. The background has a beautiful sun-setting scene while the protagonist is in an empty black silhouette.

The Bottom Line

With this, we shared the trendiest seven creative book design cover ideas for authors. To better understand these ideas, we also presented examples and photo samples. Hopefully, while wading through this blog, you have experienced a light-bulb moment. We wish that your e-book cover design makes the best impression and helps you become the highest-selling author of 2023.

So which idea from the above list did you choose?

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